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About the company and Founders

Rawganic skincare was co-founded by Sally Lillie and her son Jesse Parsons. Sally is a beauty therapist and naturopath as well as having practitioner diplomas in nutrition and herbal medicine. Sally started manufacturing products 20 years ago In her own salon. Under the instruction of a naturopath, Sally was making creams for skin disorders such as psoriasis. This bought about her passion for skin and how the skin and body reacts to nutrition. Sally acquired an Advanced Diploma in Health Science. She then opened up her own day spa and formulated all the products for the spa menu.

With Jesse under her wing he was helping with the formulations / manufacturing and became passionate about what he grew up with. Sally then started training Diploma at Beauty Colleges which led to supplying the skin care range to the beauty colleges. Sally and Jesse were working late into the nights manufacturing and selling with no effort at all. The products were selling themselves. It was time to get serious. They formed a company early 2018 and Jesse revamped the whole brand bringing it up to what it is today. Jesseis the formulation technician and head of treatment costings and logistics as well as sets up the Stock n POS in all the college student clinics. Sally is head of formulations. They both manufacture.

Working within the colleges Sally noticed a gap for skincare in relation to student learning, so they formulated the skincare to match the Government requirements to specific units so colleges were compliant in their training, so their focus became to help student learning as well as a high performance skincare range. Another gap in the colleges was beauty supplies. We now have a website specific to beauty units offered at the college in line with government requirements. We have mapped every unit to every product, consumable, tools and equipment needed for all beauty packages and compliance for the convenience of the RTO.

Objective of the company

We want to supply colleges, students and salons Australia wide with our high performance organic skincare range that corrects skin disorders in front of your eyes. We also want to offer salon supplies at a competitive price offering the latest and highest quality of beauty supplies. Our objective is very simple in the fact that we focus on our customer needs and then satisfy them.

Mission Statement

Our main focus is we are organic cosmeceutical skincare manufactures.

We also offerbeauty supplies to RTO’s, students and salons selling all our products via our online shop as well as lots of face to face support to Beauty colleges around Australia.

Our customers are Beauty colleges, students learning beauty therapy and beauty salons, day spas around Australia.

We have simplified logistics for RTO’S as all our products are mapped to the requirements of the beauty package government requirements so therefore we supply the checklist of products needed per beauty unit and the college will simply only order what they need. Students will have access to the online shopping so they can enhance their skills from home or when they want to start-up their own salon. Salons having their own login for very competitive high quality beauty supplies and high performance cosmeceutical organic skincare products.

Vision Statement

To give your skin, mind, body and spirit a new awakening. An experience to remedy and revitalise your skin and senses. Focused on natural organic herbal plant and marine extracts high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, these high performance ingredients nourish, bringing balance to epidermal integrity.